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Our feedback

We are proud of our feedback from parents.

  • Atmosphere and staff-------lots of lovely comments and positive feedback

“My child enjoys going to preschool to meet friends”, “im happy she wants to see her friends and staff”

“It’s perfect the way it is”

“Very welcoming, staff are brilliant”

“We absolutely love how friendly and caring the staff are, both me and my child couldn’t praise them enough”.

“Pleasant atmosphere”

“Friendly appreciable staff”

We pride ourselves in the small lovely caring staff that we have, we enjoy working with the children and watching them grow.

  • TAPESTRY                                                                        Lots of interest and enjoyment from Tapestry.

“Lovely pictures, I enjoy seeing what my child has done”.

“I think it’s a great way to stay up to date with your child’s progress”.

“Tapestry has been fantastic, extended family have been able to log in and see, really informative and regularly updated”

These are lovely comments, we also had some lovely comments on the leaving ceremony when parents were looking through journals, so thank you.

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