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Our routine

We run morning and afternoon sessions Monday to Friday. We also offer a lunch club which your child can join if they are taking part in both morning and afternoon sessions.


Morning session


08.30/9.00am                           Start

09.05am                                     Registration/circle time

09.15am                                      Language group

10.00am                                     Rolling Snack bar opens (for 45 mins–1 hour)

11.30am                                      Tidy up time and group time

12.00pm                                      Home time


12.00pm-12.30pm                      Lunch club (pack lunch provided by parents)


Afternoon session


12.30pm                                      Start

12.40pm                                      Registration/circle time

13.45pm                                      Language group

14.00pm                                     Rolling Snack bar opens (for 45 mins–1 hour)

15.00pm                                      Tidy up time and group time

15.20/30pm                               Home time



We have free play throughout the sessions and children are free to choose any activities they wish. Outdoor activities are always available except in extreme weather conditions. We also have adult led activities for children to participate in.





We offer a rolling snack bar in the morning and afternoon. This helps encourage choice, independence and social skills.


We offer milk or water, fruit, cheese and a bread or other savoury (flat bread, toast, crumpets, breadsticks, pitta, spring rolls, samosa etc.). Children help themselves from what is on offer that day. You can see what is for snack by looking at the snack board by the name tree.





If your child has any allergies, please make sure they are on your registration form.


Please do not bring any other food to preschool (except a healthy pack lunch for lunch club). If you want to bring in cakes for your child’s birthday, please give them to a member of staff.


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