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Children flourish in an ordered environment where everyone knows what is expected of them,

we expect our children to behave appropriately for their age at preschool.

Get involved

Join our committee


Preschool is a registered charity, run and administered by a voluntary committee. The committee is elected at the AGM and this is held every November.


The committee consists of a Chair Person, Treasurer, Secretary and up to 9 other members. As well as being responsible for administration and finances, we organise and run fund-raising events and parties. If you are looking for something to do outside of home, why not get involved! Please tell a member of staff if you are interested.

In our sessions


We always welcome parents to come in and help out with activities.


You can volunteer to work alongside staff during our sessions. This can be as general help or to run an activity.


No one is left alone with children without a current DBS check. You cannot volunteer on a regular basis without a DBS and unfortunately preschool cannot fund this.

Be interested


Please read our newsletters, emails and notices on the main door and notice boards. Here you will find out about all our current activities, interests and any bugs doing the rounds!

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