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Recording your child's progress

Every child is given a key person that is responsible for your child’s well-being and ensuring that they are making good progress. The way in which we do this is with an online app called 'Tapestry', it is a programme designed for early years development recording. 


  • ·The Keyworker observes your child, take pictures and where possible links them to an area of development. This is what we call their ‘Learning journal’.

  • You will receive an email to set up your Tapestry account so you can view your child’s online journal at your leisure. This also includes family members of your choice.

  • For a fee of £10 a term we will print the observations and place them in a folder to make a lovely keepsake for you when your child leaves for big school.

  • We use the observations of all the children’s interests so we can plan for themes and activities. The children’s learning can be extended when we look at their interests.

  • Once a term, every key person records their key children’s progress in all areas of the EYFS. This information is entered into a computer programme called Tapestry. From this we can identify children who are exceeding, meeting or need work to meet age related EYFS targets.

  • The report helps the Keyworker to see any child that is needing to work on certain areas of development. They will then be given the extra support they need. It also helps identify any areas for concern about a child’s development that may mean they need outside support.

  • ·Parents are invited in once a term to talk through the child’s report.


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