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Facilities and Equipment

Our large main hall is equipped with lots of toys and equipment that covers all EYFS areas:


  • Quiet, cosy area that children can go to and have a rest, look at their favourite books or just cuddle up to a soft toy

  • Book area for children to sit on their own to look at books or ask an adult to read to them

  • Writing area equipped with felt pens, pencils and crayons. There are drawers with different types of paper, envelopes, staplers, hole punch, glue sticks and staplers

  • Computer

  • Role play area equipped equiped with cooking toys, cleaning, dressing up, play cds and musical instruments

  • Craft area equipped with paint, glue, glitter, natural resources, fabric, straws, lolly sticks and various types of paper

  • Carpeted area used for block play and small word play (farm, cars etc.)

  • Play dough table with access to cutters, rollers, cutlery and bowls

  • Table top activities that are changed regularly depending on the children’s interests

  • A small room that can be used for small group activities

  • We incorporated maths into all our areas of learning.



We also benefit from a large outside area in which our children get plenty of physical exercise:


  • Climbing frame and slide

  • Bikes, scooters and pushchairs

  • Quiet area

  • Sand and water play

  • Books and cushions (summer)

  • Writing area (summer)

  • Mud digging area

  • Growing area



SEN facilities


  • Easy access to all areas

  • Language group:  small group of children play games, sing songs and talk to each other to encourage language ad communication skills

  • Involvement of parents to keep them up to date with child’s progress and offer suggestions for what they can do to help at home

  • We use Makaton – a sign language for children with speech and language problems

  • A toileting nurse can come in to advise on any toileting issues

  • We have experience with ADHD, Autism, Sensory processing disorder, Speech and Language, Hearing problems and behavioural difficulties.


Our SENCOS are experienced in accessing outside help and can refer to the relevant professionals for assessments.

This then allows us to make a targeted Individual Education Plan to ensure we are doing the very best for EVERY child.

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